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​Mr. Big Puppy to do list

☑️ I'm going to change the name of FF Online Salon to FF Online Family 💗

☑️ 3rd month wall? Or rather, I have a desire to change. As I continue to explore, I would like to shape this online family.

☑️ Focus on communication or on providing, both of which are necessary after all, but do what you are good at and try not to be half-hearted.

☑️ It may be more suitable for communication to communicate in analog as much as possible.

☑️ First of all, I'm going to visit the Kanto area this summer ☺️ I would like to meet my FAM who I can meet as much as possible.

☑️ Don't make too much sense. Enjoy miracles. (by Na-chan)

☑️ Express and live as it is.

☑️ Come to Wakayama play ~ 🍊

☑️ It is a monthly automatic withdrawal of paypal, but it seems that some of my FAM have not been withdrawn.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but please check your paypal account and the account to which you will be debited.

If you want to unsubscribe, please be careful and tell me! How to cancel automatic withdrawal I will explain it because it is a little complicated.

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