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This month's Crazy Lab is "Ballroom Dance" 💃🕺


There was a time when I was more interested in it than before and was looking for a classroom to attend 😇✍️

I think it would be interesting to be able to dance ballroom dance, and if I started participating in competitions ... 😂🏅🏅

This time I tried to dance the ballroom dance that I felt the possibility to the Gold Finger 99 played by Yes-chan 🔥🔥♬


Will we really delve into ballroom dancing in the future !?

By the way, we have a section called "Celebrity Social Dance Club" in a program called Utchan Nanchan's Urinari !!

In common, that is the original experience of ballroom dancing 🍈👠

I haven't exchanged words, but I think there is no doubt that the images of each other are the settings of Aya Sugimoto & Nanchan Pair 👗🤵


Enjoy it 👨‍👩‍👧💕💕

Please watch it in full screen 🔥

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