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Charli this month  XCX's new album

Let me tell you first  .. " Forever " is a little too packed with awesomeness

When I first saw the music video, I was so moved that I cried 😭😭😭😭. .. 😇

I don't know why, but I felt nostalgic for the earth, and I started to feel nostalgic, beautiful earth 🌏

The moment I saw it, now, here 2020 🌫

After that, it continued to be released and the album was released. What is an artist in the Corona Whirlpool? Best Answer ... 👼 A sense of the times and sensitivity. Charlie shines more and more, and I'm mellow to Charlie on the natural route 💓 The jacket is a perfect strike and I like it 💖 " claws " has become a body that I have to watch the MV once an hour 😅

It's just that I love it by overwriting what I love ... 🥰 By the way, I heard that I-chan is also my favorite artist 🎉. My favorite song is " After The Afterparty " 🍸🧟‍♀️

Show you,

It's perfect for that mood

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