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[Road to fashion designer] The first memorable event

"👧 Question from Yes-chan to Mr. Noriko Nakazato, Chief Advisor 👩‍🏫

~ What kind of work is a fashion designer? ~ ”Will be delivered ❣️

Then, I would like to start the "road to fashion designer" for everyone who dreams 🎉🥂

I would like to have you on the stage 👏👏🔥 Let's call everyone out loud 🎤

See you! 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

Hello raw 🌟🌟

Yes, how are you? I'm always doing well 🌿 Recently I want to go to a place with a lot of nature 👷🔭🏛

I'm late to reply to your question, but please read it 🎀🎀 If you have any questions, please ask anytime 🌹🌙


Nice to meet you 🌎 Let's enjoy learning about fashion together 🍨🔥

Fashion designer / NORIKO NAKAZATO

Creative Platform "Bowling Afternoon" / Director

Super Creative Great Teacher Nakazato


Hello Noriko 😊💖

Yes, I'm fine 💪 Nature is fine 🌱I love you too ❣️Thank you in advance! ️





First grader dreaming of a fashion designer 🎒

I've rigorously selected and recycled the character clothes that were in the chest of drawers recently ♻️

Before answering Nama-chan's question, I'll talk about fashion with me ⚖💌⚖️

I started a women's fashion brand called NORIKO NAKAZATO about 6 years ago, and in that activity I was not only making clothes, but also expressing with photographs and videos, and sometimes designing spaces. It's 🗺🛠, so I'm not like a fashion designer who is a super royal road 👑 who mainly makes clothes 📿🍒

But what I always valued when expressing something was to always remember "fashionability" 🔮

Eh, I think what "fashionability" is like ⁉😹️, but to put it very simply, it means "cool 😍💕!", But this "cool 😍💕!" Is now. I think it's an extrasensory balance that feels like it's not just cool, it's dull, it's a bit silly, 🌙✍️🤔

I'm not very good at using fashion as a word, 👷🧪🦠🦠🧼 So I think it would be great if I could find such a thing while studying with Nama-chan 🎊‼ ️

So now I'm thinking of it as one of the means to express what I'm thinking, rather than the purpose of doing a fashion brand 👷

Making clothes is the best way to convey what you want to express now, but it may be a little difficult 😔😔💦

I will reply to you ✌🏻🤞🏻✌🏻🤞🏻✌🏻

​(Hai-chan, who seems to have been impressed from the beginning)






Q1. What kind of work is a fashion designer doing?


It is generally said that fashion designers work to design clothes, accessories, and other things that people wear 👀

Personally, I think it's about designing people and the space around them 🌙 I think it would be nice to have someone like this, and design people who think "cool 😍💕!" That is.

For example, even if you just wear denim and a T-shirt, you might think about what kind of positive ideas you would have if you had a "cool 😍💕!"

So, for example, if I had a water bottle with a lot of jewels 💎✳️, I thought it would be "cool 😍💕!" I think it's cool 😍💕! " For example, the person is in a slightly astringent garden like a dry landscape garden, 🧘🏻‍♂️💭

Finally, let's make what kind of clothes and accessories 🔥! ️

I think it's the job of a fashion designer to think about it 💖💭
It may be a little difficult word, but to summarize, it is to create a world view 🌎 called "😍💕!" By combining a person 👭 and the space surrounding that person 👬 💡💡


(I'm imagining with my eyes closed while listening)




A cake comes from a glittering water bottle ...

A tea set came out and I came up with a story about the beginning of a tea party ☕️🍰🍽


☝️ (Oh yeah that image is important 😭😭 by father & mother)

Q2. How can I become a fashion designer?


There are many different styles of fashion designers in the profession, but I think you can become a fashion designer even if you can't make clothes without studying how to make clothes 🖐🏻🖐🏻🔥

The method is ∞ infinity ∞ 🧠🍃🍃

If you like fashion and have the power to express the world you have in mind! ️

I think it's important to be yourself 💯 I want you to find and cherish your own "😍💕!"

And it is important to have a team = a team that can actually express the world of that image (is it difficult to say that it is embodied?) ⚓️‼ ️ (Of course I think I can do it all by myself 💪🏻)


Eh !? Eh !?

Can I become a fashion designer even if I can't make clothes !?





Image ... Sekai ...

Whiteout ... Jibun Rashisa ...

☝️ (Learn and grow ~ 😭😭 by father & mother)

Q3. Why did Noripee become a fashion designer?


I've always loved fashion since I was little, but I've never thought of becoming a fashion designer 🔥. I had never studied clothes at university, but I wanted to do some fashion-related work, so I thought I'd study making clothes first 🌻🌻.

So, while making things there, while thinking about what I am in the first place, I capture the moment "😍💕!", Design people, design spaces. I realized that I like & are good at 💐💐

Somehow, I felt like trying to be a fashion designer 🥂

That said, when I started fashion, I could only see what was in front of me, and I couldn't really think about the future 😔😔

Now, based on my experience, I understand why I became a fashion designer 🦧🌿



​Amazing ~ 💖

Q4. How did Noripee become a fashion designer?



I studied making clothes, but it wasn't so much fun and I quit halfway through 🤣🤣

What I thought then was that there are people who love and are better at making clothes than I am, so I thought I'd do what only I could do 🔥. It was to create a world full of "😍💕!" 🎊🌙🎊🌙

After that, I was able to start my own brand with the support of the people around me 😭✨ I really thought that meeting and timing couldn't be changed. .. 🛁

May I be blessed with good encounters 🖤🖤


"What only I can do" ~ 🤔

☝️ (I'm glad I met Noriko more than anything else 😭😭
This is natural 😭😭 by father & mother)

Q5. Is fashion designer fun?


It's fun 🌹

When I started the brand, I thought it was a little difficult because I couldn't find my own style, but now I feel a sense of mission to convey the fun of fashion to everyone 🔥. 🌟🍷🌟

A few years ago, I did a fashion workshop with about 40 seniors in kindergarten 💘

Everyone is set to travel in the sea, on the clouds, or in space, and at that time we make glasses 🕶✨ for each person, but fashion is to transform yourself into something special 🦾💪🏻🌱 It was a workshop to convey that.

When I explained, everyone was pretty embarrassed, and some of them said no ~ 🥵, but when I actually started the workshop, everyone was doing a great job, and at the end I did a fashion show 😭 ✨ ✨ ✨

At that time, I was so impressed that everyone can enjoy fashion so purely 😭, and I want to do activities to convey the fun of fashion regardless of age 💕 ☯️


​Looks fun ~ 😍💕


Q6. What kind of fashion do you like now?


I like fashion now! I look back on the fashion when I started thinking 🌙 It's my roots ☯️

Even so, I cherish the element of "😍💕!" Hidden hints ⁉️ I think it's important to update it a little on your own 🌱

In my case, I really like foreign celebrity fashion that just started in 2000 🌺, and I'm looking for and wearing Juicy Couture velor setups and Dolce & Gabbana youth line D & G brand items 🐚🥀 The theme is a cheeky celebrity girl 💸 🍒🍒

Also, I'm dead now, but there is a legendary musician called hide in the 90's who is studying fashion for that person 🕷🕷 That person is not only music but also clothes and everything he makes is messed up It's so cool that it's full of personality, 😭💕💕 The style is transcendent 🥺✨ Check it out next time ☯️


By the way, recently, I feel like black and white are cool 🕷🥛



Hide is amazing ~! Half of women and half of men! When is your birthday? When is your birthday? When is your birthday? December !? Yes, I'm with you !!

​* I saw hide's Beauty & Stupid on youtube.
​* Yes, born on December 2nd
​* Hide Born on December 13th

How about your reply like this 😇🏖⛲️ 

I want to go shopping together when I'm calm! ️

I'm really looking forward to seeing you again 💘


🏝✍️ From Shuko May 2020 🦋🏝


I want to go shopping together !!!!

Thank you Noriko-sensei ~ ❣️❣️❣️


​After the first session

​We were secretly watching the exchange with one handkerchief 😭 (over-interference !? 💦)

Mother 👩🏼 I was impressed! Thank you! I'm not raw, my eyes, my passion for fashion 🌹 and love ❤️ I took advantage of it and somehow overflowed ❣️❣️❣️

The first time is a super-luxury version that unravels the chief adviser Noriko Nakazato in an interview format! Besides, I asked you to explain in an easy-to-understand manner because it was over Nama-chan (Is it okay?) That's why it reaches a wide range of people, and it's delivered to you ... Dayo 😭 Anyway, I want to share it! ️‼ ️

It's too wasteful to release this exclusively, so I want to make it somehow and release it to the world outside the salon! ️

There was just a feeling of being filled and healed. Thank you!

I heard the essential voice of Shuko, who goes beyond technique and skill.

I'm just impressed as a fan! ️‼ ️


Father 👨🏻 A lot of really wonderful words 😭💕 While unraveling the history of Professor Noriko Nakazato

It's almost as if you released the latest thoughts as of 2020 and received precious and precious precious leisure 😭💎💎

For all of us, fashion starts with expression and lives on our own. It may be an opportunity to think about that again.

While focusing on fashion, transcendental aesthetics, sense and thinking are truly unique.

I am truly grateful that I am living now, seeing the creation in front of me, and exchanging words 🔥


Noriko Nakazato has recently opened a note!

As mentioned there, I think the answer to this question is exactly one of the "aesthetic concurrent assets" ❤️


Also, bowling afternoon by Hidemasa Miyake / producer and teacher / director was held the other day "Bosemi" 👏✨

Keep an eye on this too! Don't miss the bowling afternoon and Hidemasa Miyake 's noto! The trial recruitment for "Bozemi" has ended, but

Just reading the note article will hit the expansion of the brain directly, so please take a look !!!!

​ Thank you very much for your teacher 😭 !! Thank you for your continued support 💕

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