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This month's recommendation is Crocs' Jibbitz charm 🛒

Na-chan, the kamikaze captain of my family, said he felt the seriousness of Crocs 💪!

Introduction of such products Death! ︎

During the stay home, take the plunge and buy 😅🛍 The design is so good ~ 🏹😈🔮

It can also be attached to non-genuine Crocs sold at 100-yen stores ❣️🥳🥳

Even if you don't like generics, you can exchange charms in an instant,

You can share it with your friends and enjoy it! 😘😚😘

I'm a representative of shoes so much, so

It can be used, and the feeling of depression that continues to be self-restraint should be resolved 🍒

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