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​Mr. Big Puppy to do list

☑️ The community is not an enclosure. Good friends. A place where you can express yourself with peace of mind (affirming your personality in all aspects of thought, remarks, actions, and production).

☑️ Throw away old thoughts, old common sense, words, and negative thoughts. Affirm the family under any circumstances.

If you don't enjoy yourself the most, there's no point in doing it if you don't enjoy it.

Accept, accept, wrap. I want to be a positive and active 34-year-old who can enjoy everything.

☑️ I'm thinking of starting a self-publishing brand called "f style love book".

I want to make handmade books one by one without being particular about printing or book format.

The first is a monthly collection of monthly family photos published in this salon.

Upload a collection of daily videos taken that month to "Limited Release YouTube" (private page)

I'm thinking of putting the link QR in the book as a privilege.

☑️ It would be great if my FAM ideas and creativity could be incorporated in the future.

☑️ Books can be purchased even if you are not a member.

☑️ Keep your online shop locked.

☑️ Give the password only to those who want it.

☑️ A word or two exchange. You can communicate. Important.

☑️ It is important to have both front and back

☑️ By the way, the monthly family








Catch up here. Completed in 6 to 7 years. 6-12 years old

☑️ Put together a record. mission. Love.

☑️ I want to communicate well with my FAM. I want to do online snacks.

Na-chan mom. I'm a boy. (I was a boy at a membership club for 4 years at university)

☑️ We will be my FAM refrigerator! I went to a fertilizer-free and pesticide-free "natural cultivation" class two years ago.

I am still conducting practical research, but I would like to share the vegetables and rice I made here with everyone.

☑️ I love everyone in my FAM.

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