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Thank you to all my FAM members who have registered as members. thank you very much!

I would like to include what I am thinking about this FF online salon and our introduction.

It will be a little longer, but thank you for your cooperation.


Our family met Daito Na-chan in Osaka in the spring of 2008 and started dating in the summer of that year.

After spending four years in pajamas, sushi rolls and rehabilitation, I joined the company in the spring of 2011.

Two years after the mental illness transform regeneration plan, Hao-chan was born in December 2013.

After giving birth, Na-chan, who acquired the Hormone Energy Star, acquired a buddy and flexible power that could not be thought of as a newborn mother, and ran around in top gear. Next to the full happiness, Mr. Between the ideal and the reality started the countdown of family collapse and moved to Wakayama prefecture in November 2014.


From 2014 to 2016, I took a full-body bath in a muddy swamp that I couldn't remember, and from 2017 I learned my ceramics and decided to live as an artist.


For the past 12 years, I've been taking pictures mainly of Na-chan on a daily basis.

Since the average monthly number is 500 or more, it means that we have recorded more than 72,000 sheets in 12 years.

From there, we have been working on recording Na-chan with the title "Arcaic-chan" as our joint production.

Derived from Archaic-chan, Na-chan started his career as a poet in an unexpected way.

A strong feeling for our life and expression that was nothing,

All of my feelings, such as pride and longing, are devoted to recording "Arcaic-chan".

Until the birth of Yes-chan, I think that sharing the resulting photo with two people was the only thing that could affirm ourselves.

I think I've done it until now because it happened.

It's strange to think back.

Of course, the record from the encounter to now continues even now when Hai-chan is 6 years old.

Since 6 years ago, I have been taking pictures as a "monthly family" apart from Archaic.

It can be said that everyday life is the root of everything, and that it is our life's work to continue in the future.

It's just what we record, but our steps and voices can lead to something big for someone.

I also think that it is my mission to be involved in communication through such records.


The intention is that it will be a chance to move your heart, such as living through this record and empathizing with others.

A "record" is something that you can put your passion straight into when you don't have money or a complicated life.


The process that led to the online salon began when I felt a sense of discomfort in the conventional "exhibition" format.

In fact, at the solo exhibition "MAX" held in February, I think we can actively create places and opportunities by ourselves instead of passively creating places and opportunities for artists to express in the future. thought.

Rather than rushing to tell a wide range of people, I felt that everything was connected to what we should do from now on, narrow and deep, opening as much as we can in the closed end (it cannot be opened unless it is closed).

Creating a limited space-time is "togitative" (closed, active and positive),

For the time being, I thought that the place where I could put it into practice was an online salon.

* It is exactly the case that the two of my beloved sixth-sense extended-type TV station Bowling Afternoon have named the opening at the closed end "closed positive". (From @ Bowling Afternoon 3/20 Instagram)


Each content is our life itself.

As a result of thinking about what we can do with twists and turns

I finally think that it is the simplest way to convey what you are living in this way.

Now that I can think of these as "expressions," I hope to be able to disseminate them through the online salon.


This online salon is not for business purposes.

The monthly fee of 500 yen is

It is a consideration for viewing the work (content) online, and I think that it will be a part of the minimum operating funds.

Also, I thought that you could see a more private part by setting a certain threshold of monthly fee system.

(I think it's very important to include the private part in the expression we want to show.)

I would like to continue to live innocently with humor toward the people who should deliver it.


Not only do you enjoy the content, but what you want to do through this salon is

I would like to communicate with my FAM members and collaborate with them.

・ For example, my FAM changes one content every month and co-creates one content with us. FAM joint content.

・ I'm trying to make a photo book from now on.

We aim to complete it together while confirming and incorporating your opinions such as editing and composition. Production progress document.

・ I want to go on a family trip someday

・ I want to get together and take a family photo



Also, the monthly fee is automatically renewed every month, so please do not hesitate to tell me when you unsubscribe.

The number of members is small, so you may be careful, but lol

The cancellation procedure is done from my FAM's paypal account, but it's a little difficult to understand, so please feel free to contact me!


I think there are many points that cannot be reached in advancing the salon.

Please tell us your opinions and impressions.


You are free to post on SNS that quotes the salon page.

I hope to expand the circle of new families!


This time, we have set up a private account dedicated to my FAM on Instagram.

You may have already been followed or guided from here, but we would appreciate it if you could follow us.

Right now, based on that, I would like to promptly deliver the latest information such as communication and salon page updates.


What is this salon "family"? I think it is our own proposal to.

In contrast to the old value that kinship is important, if kinship is not the only family, relationships and bonds,

I think everyone is aware that families have many different shapes. What was decided is never correct.

If you look at the things that have been collapsing with noise, you may not need the category of family for various ways of life.

I would like to respect and acknowledge each other and build relationships that are not bound by common sense.

I love you, my FAM.



Dai Fujimura, na-chan, is raw


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