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クレイジーラボ7_アートボード 1.png

This month's Crazy Lab is inspired by "fresh flowers" and is "birthplace" 👉 "IKEYA" 🏠🌷


Do you know Sogetsu-ryu, the top of the ikebana world? The ikebana instagram at Corona Saga was wonderful! Iemoto is also a super senior, but he accepts new values and updates ikebana online. Master of ikebana 😭💕🏺 I used the self-restraint period to widely disseminate the view of the world to the world.

We will live a house this time. I decided to keep what I had at home. Since the material is daily necessities, the first time it will be 100% 🌺


"IKEYA" is still developing 🏠

I expect it to develop in the future, so please support me 🔥 I want to bring a smile to the world as a FF style someday 💕 💕

This time, Mr. Fujimura Forever Nao showed off improvisation IKEYA 🌻⛓🍐🍐

Enjoy it 👨‍👩‍👧💕💕

Please watch it in full screen 🔥

IKEYA_アートボード 1.png
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