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勝手にリコメンド_タイトル_アートボード 1.png

It's almost summer 🌻 The shining sun makes the yankee in me bounce and burn my chest 🌺🍧🌺

Car decoration this month. .. 💖 We are the most surprised at the unexpected development! ︎

Did you have more chances to get in the car when you picked up from school and wanted to do it as an extension of your house? And 👩‍🔬 It's probably the case when I analyze it lightly, but for some reason I was suddenly attracted to the world ... I think there is a latent area,⁇, but it's 🤔 Sole 😅 😂 😅 Recently, I'm in a mode to challenge anything to mystery. Curious x lonely fighting spirit in the countryside, inevitable Yankee mind 🦋 Bombing 🔥 🔥 Passion poured into the car 🌹 Enthusiasm Munmun 🍑 Another but mysterious spray painting activity ... 🎨 ️It's going to be hot this summer! ️ Let's have fun! ️

FF Aiyume ForeverLOVE No.


💗 Thank you for always taking me to various places 💗

FF Aiyume ForeverLOVE issue will Deko' the 🚙✨

One day in Wakayama city ... 🗓

⛓ GET with AUTOBACS and Donki 🧠


​All the selected items 😍💗 I wonder why I didn't do it earlier 🤔❓❓



​Attach the handle cover 🚙


Humidity at the end of the deadly battle (⌒-⌒;)



to be continued

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