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Now on sale !!!


Fujimura Family


Pages / 320p

Size / B6 (182mm x 128mm)

First edition of 444 copies

Click here to purchase


We’re always seeing borders.

And we continue to release the shutter like a prayer.


For us, the process of creating PROOF OF LIVING took the form of an ultimate value.

A faith with meaning.

Day after day, phenomena continue to occur in the form of energy and information.

The vessel from which emotions overflow has no shape, and is ever changing.


We see the glimmering, and we try to imagine it.

And there is a moment when words become powerless.

The act of continuously taking photos, in all its density,

is not only looking at the empathy in others that flows through the vast amount of information,

it is also the process of having faith and scooping up hope, without using any words.


We have been greatly affirmed and supported by the many influences of “The Photograph.”

With the utmost love and respect for photographic expression,

we hope that this work will reach many people, and provide them with both courage and strength.


Everyone has contradicting and conflicting emotions.

The body and the spirit are inconsistent.

Pain and loneliness; everything is reflected in the heart.

The desire to define, to understand,

to fear the unknown, to be anxious; 

it swells and explodes out.


The thoughts are spread here and there, and become part of the day.

Some echo back, becoming a beacon of faith and hope.

Others become experiences we can’t accept;

A cold sweat when you feel as if you’re having a nightmare.


None of this is by chance.

It’s affirmed one by one, in the things that we see;

In every single view that the world we believe in is showing us.


We don’t want to create limits;

Any boundaries.

We want to question. 

Cause and effect alone doesn’t tell us anything.


We are in between.

What we experience disappears into the clouds and then falls back out as particles.

We feel it again and again as vibrations, as intuition.

There is no way to sum up the feeling of being alive.

We configure, update, and repeat.

We are purely breathing.


No matter what, there is hope itself.

The faint sound of a breath is proof that we are connected to this world.

Fujimura Family

Book Reviews from PROOF OF LIVING 🔑

Thank you so much for writing this!!! 😭😭😭

We are always looking for reviews of our photo books! Let us hear from you👂💖!

Please contact us or DM us on instagram 👽💗

On the day it arrived in the mailbox, I was about to go out, so I sheltered it inside the house for the time being, and left the house, looking forward to opening it when I got back~(^_^).


I opened the package.

First of all, I was surprised by the volume, and wondered if it was really worth the price. I wondered if it was really worth the price... and then I started flipping through the pages. The energy on every page is amazing! The texture is amazing! They look like they'd be bumpy to the touch! Oh, I have these shoes too! We're the same! I felt a sense of kinship with them.


This is how I felt the first time, and I was so excited to flip through it.


A few days after it arrived, I woke up in the morning and as I was looking at it, I was reminded of a book I used to read called "Rilakkuma - Dara Dara Mainichi no Susume".


The book had Rilakkuma's positive (?) face on every page. I was an elementary school student at the time, and every day I would open the pages at random to relax before going to school.

I used to open the pages at random every day to relax before going to school. I felt like I was back in elementary school. o(≧▽≦)o . . I felt like I was back in elementary school.


It was a very powerful, yet somehow gentle collection of photographs, like the Virgin Mary.



I could feel that they were genuinely enjoying the moment, the things they were creating, the atmosphere they were creating😭.

I also felt a great sense of humor.

I could feel the "trust" from Na-chan, Hai-chan, and Wu-tan (cat) that Dai-chan was looking at. I can feel the trust and peace of mind that comes from Nah-chan, Hai-chan and Wu-tan (cat) watching Dai-chan.

It's too comfortable to watch!

I'm not sure what to say, but I'm going to say it.

No two moments are the same, not even for a second.

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do this, but I'm sure I'm going to be able to do it.

I also realized that the everyday life of people all over the world is art, and it is a space that we are creating.

And natural.

Oh! I have some of these things at home! I'm sure you'll be able to understand why.

The other thing I wondered was

And the weirdest thing was the picture of the fly stuck to the poop? I've never seen that before.

I have a real phobia of aggregates and pictures like that give me goosebumps and creep me out.

But that picture didn't give me that feeling, I just stared at it and thought it was sparkling and beautiful.

I wondered if you took that picture too. I'm sure I was looking at it completely through the mind's eye of the person who took it.

I think the reason I was able to see it that way was because I was drawn into the world of the photos in this book.

I mean, I'm super drawn in 😭.

And my impression of flies has changed 😭✨ all living things, including humans, have their own charms as long as they exist in this world.

I can feel it through this picture 🤍.


I feel so much love, and the motivation for taking this photo is so pure and innocent, because I love this moment, I love it, I love it 😭. 

I have so much to say lol 


It's a great book that reminds us that we create just by being alive💖.

Just a book full of value!


Thank you for a great book💕.


lilfunnybaby/OPEN HEAVEN

I really wanted to see 《PROOF OF LIVING》 when I was alone.

Even before I received the film, I had a special feeling about it.

I didn't turn on the TV, didn't put on any music, and watched it alone at night after everyone else had gone to bed.


It's not beautiful at all! It's not beautiful at all!

But in every picture, time was flowing like a moment of breath.

It's incredibly beautiful, brighter than the sun.

It seems so close to me, but it's so fleeting, like a dream...


I was reminded of a poem by Ajigu Dan that caught my eye as soon as I received my copy of "Proof of Living.

"I do not know peace.

I don't know anything about peace either! I'm always fighting against something.

I'm always fighting against something, but when I keep fighting, there are times when my heart breaks.

This was one of those times, but as I looked at the pictures, somewhere in my broken heart, I realized that it was okay to believe in myself.

I was able to reaffirm, "It's okay to believe in myself.

No matter how things turn out, I am still me.

I will fight again! My heart trembled.


When my heart was broken again, I would watch 《PROOF OF LIVING》 by myself in secret.

When my heart breaks again, I'll watch 《PROOF OF LIVING》 alone in secret.

It's a gentle and warm book that gives you the strength to fight.

I'm sure it will become such a special book for everyone.


P.S I kept looking at the last page.

I love it.



Overwhelming strength, vitality

I was dazzled by their gazes.

I was thrilled by the ultra-close distance.

I surrendered myself to the sensations and felt so good that I found myself crying.


Shioribasami/toy shop

The energy was getting into me. My heart starts to race. I forget to breathe when I'm distracted. I swallow raw saliva. I get hungry. I find myself busy smiling, crying, and staring.

With each turn of the page, I had the sense that I was moving deeper into the world of PROOF OF LIVING. It is a world of everyday life. It's the everyday world of people I love, people I've never met, who live in places I don't know. I wasn't sure if I should use the word "love" so simply, but I felt love. A new kind of love was born in me.

After reading this book, I am looking forward to tomorrow.


Sara Omori / Editor

I enjoyed Fujimura Family for the first time.


As I was looking at the photo book with all the powerful Komotta photos one by one, I felt in my head that this photo book was like the second number of THE BLUE HEARTS' "Missile".


The lyrics are as follows.


-2nd verse-.

Missile Missile Missile Missile Missile


Tonight I'll be a missile and you'll be a star


Forget all the rules for a minute


I'm going up the stairs at night

Let's make a constellation

Let's make it unforgettable




In this world where it is quite difficult to forget all the rules for a little while, I thought that there are some pictures in Mycella that seem to forget all the rules for a little while. In fact, the things we want to do and see = the things we want to do but can't, and we assume that since we are human beings, with our personalities and personalities, there are areas we can't do, and we look at this and envy.


I can't do something like this (if I could, I would), and that's what I call design. So it's Akina Nakamori.



It's a comical and feverish photo collection that makes me jealous of every single picture.


Art should be free.

The viewer's emotions are also free.


Why don't you forget about all the rules for a moment and immerse yourself in the creative world of art on a journey inside your own head?


Let's, Fujimura Family.




I love this family.


I love this family, and with that in mind, this book gave me a lot of emotions.

There are plenty of pages, and I was looking forward to turning the next page each time.


I thought it was an irresistible book that combined everyday scenes, beautiful photos, things that make you feel good when you see two photos together, and simply the cuteness of their daughter, Hai-chan.


I also wondered how I would have felt if I had seen this photo book without knowing about the Fujimura family.


The last photo on the last page was a fitting last photo, but it also gave me a sense of a future that will continue forever, and I was very moved.


It was a stylish and cool photo book that made me tear up at the end as I looked at it, giggling and smiling the whole time.


Thank you for showing me something so beautiful.

It made me feel freshly peeled.


Tatsuya Kawada/YAMASTORE 

𝐹𝐹 It is the spirit of the unseen and bare. It is a bold and delicate stroke with a never-before-seen outline. The absence of a tsukkomi player is fine. A lawless zone of endless sensation.


It is said that there is a secret time when a larva melts into mud in a chrysalis in the process of metamorphosis into a butterfly. It is neither a larva nor a butterfly, but a vague, liquefied body. It is a series of hallucinatory images seen by the astral body in a trance. It's an emulsion type of work that, with its infinitely raw output, slips through the net of meaning and logic and sinks into our instincts... Love?


Life is psychedelic, depending on how you raise the resolution and focus. This is a rare book that contains such a mystery that you will be able to see different layers of the world even though you are in the same place.


Super natural high energy new family bible called "proof of living


Noa Sonoda/Photographer

I first heard about FF about a year ago at their first solo exhibition at ANAGRA in Hanzomon.

My first impression of the three of them, with their unique aura, was that they looked like the Hoshino family from Ojalmaru. (You know what I mean?

The Hoshino family is trying to invade the earth, but

The Hoshino family is trying to invade the earth, but they can't find the right time to say "I want the earth" to Ojarumaru.

I remember being very impressed by their characterization, which is in between scary and cute, even though they are small.

I think the FF family is quite similar.


They have a unique alien atmosphere, but when you talk to them, they seem so normal and comfortable.

But at their core, they are unstable, weak, and scary, as if you don't know what they have.


The FF family's photo book with its vine and soft cover is

Every page of the book is dense and has a cosmic scale to it, but at the same time

But at the same time, there is also the subtlety of life, like "careful living.

The juxtaposition of these two things is very human, and even though it is a drama of another person's family

The parallelism between the two is very human, and even though it's a drama about another person's family, the empathy that I felt as if I was looking at my own past was really touching.


I also enjoyed the arrangement of the page spreads, where the two unrelated photos seemed to be connected.


ery / illustrator & track maker

I was thinking that it would be better if I wrote in sacred language like poetry or responded in a work of art, but that would take an infinite amount of time, so I decided not to. But I'm sure that my response to "Proof of Living" will find its way into what I create in the future.

 For example, after taking a photo with styling and make-up, it's very tedious to remove make-up and clean up afterwards. There was a rawness to the photos that would have been beautified if they had been taken with a film camera, but with a digital camera, the flash was applied and you could see it. As we post our lives on Instagram, we inevitably beautify them. However, if you want to sublimate your life as art, you have to show the "real thing. It's not enough to show only the beautiful parts, and it's not enough to beautify the not-so-beautiful parts. I felt that the rawness in this book was the "real thing. I felt that the rawness in this book was "real. I think it's really wonderful to live without lying about your emotions, and at the same time, I could feel the tingling in this book.


Minori Suzuki / Swimming for a Living

Don't let yourself be captured by anything. Everything that we make is based on eating, drinking, and urinating. Not only that, but what we eat and drink is disposed of as garbage by someone else. After the garbage is disposed of, there are people who process it so that it can be used by humans again. We use them again and throw them away as if they were natural. The repetition. Life. A purely beautiful scene cut out of it. Layout is an instinct. You can never go wrong with anything. How many times have they stared at you? And what do you think? Is it you who is staring at them and they are staring back? No matter how many times you think you don't exist, you can't stop the feelings that arise. No matter how many times you think that you don't exist, you can't stop the feelings that arise. I wholeheartedly believe that this is the irreplaceable thing that spills out of the finely knit colander. Whether in a broad sense or a narrow sense, the subject must be something that belongs to a house, a family. The meaning of family that is spread around the world is just a word in this context. In my opinion, raising the middle finger in the futon after three days of sleep is the first step to open a hole in this inexplicably beautiful and empty world that has been flooded. They always point their rebellion in the right direction.


WATER a.k.a Mariwo / Atushi Hosoya (TARAUMARA)

I saw the photo book.

I thought, "Life is good, photography is good.

The more I looked at it, the more I thought, "Give me a break!


I felt the aesthetics and charm of everyone and their families.

I felt the aesthetics and charm of everyone and their families so much...


The colors, the shapes, the textures, the combinations of photos that you can see with your eyes, and even if it's just one photo, if you look closely, you'll see, wow! There's a thank you written on the towel in the back! And the moon and Hai-chan side by side, although they are a person and the moon, they are very similar, or rather, they are just one "beautiful thing, a creature", and I was really convinced and encouraged by that. I knew it, but I forget it.


Some of the pictures made me laugh, they were so fun to look at!

I felt like I was getting a share of the view that everyone was seeing.


I could really feel everyone's charm and Dai-chan's careful way of dealing with the photos.

Two people with such strong energy!

Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity.

Thank you!


You gave me so much love, light, life, and power!


Now, in the past, and in the future. I'm glad to see the infinity of the Fujimura family. Let's see more!

big luv ̫⃝⠒̫⃝⠒̫⃝⠒̫⃝⃝


Shukumari / myyoumy

I'm gushing over every page.

A record of a super photogenic family.

Anyway, I don't have to tell you that it's full of love. It's full of laughter, tears, and excitement.

And it's stylish.

I love it💕.


Yuhei Mukai/MUnited Kingdomai YUHEI

"I believe that there is both paradise and hell in this world.

But what's really important is that the bluebird is actually in the house.

I can believe that's the truth.

It was such a photo book.


JOJO Hiroshige

FF (Fujimura Family) is FF (Fantastic Family)!

Everywhere I turned in this wonderful FF photo book, I saw FF.



Daikichi /YAMASTORE Airr  

Last year, I had the opportunity to visit the Fujimura family at their home, and I was moved from the moment I walked in the door. Everything this family chooses is overflowing with love, and in every corner of the room there are words from Ajikantan, which are a mixture of essence, love, and strangeness that I wish I could always keep in this state. It was a book that allowed me to peek into some of the real artistic moments that appear in the daily lives of the Fujimura family. I thought that these moments come to us because we feel and face everything that happens in front of us with our whole body.

They are a truly wonderful artistic family that has taught me that the most beautiful and interesting things are just as they are.


Makiko Yamamoto

Painter / Ooveen / DJ

An untrue expression of having lived in the moment, in the midst of a life that is drifting away. Light!

I couldn't help but doubt my own expression.

I want to continue to watch it grow into a bigger and bigger mass.

I want everyone to encounter FF, which is closed and fully open!


Shinya Ishida /visual artist 

The three FFs are like planets that exist here.

facing each other, spinning in circles, drifting in space

The unbalance is comfortable

PROOF OF LIVING is like a book of prophecy

It's supposed to be about the past of the three of us, but it's like a prophecy.

I guess they've already mastered the new normal.

If we live like them, the world will be a better place.


Saki Ishida/painter 

Like reading your favorite poem over and over again

Just like reading your favorite poem over and over again, these photos will make you want to read every inch of it.

So much to see


It doesn't seem like it's just the weight of paper, and maybe it's not

I want to hold it in my palm and feel its weight.


The lives and emotions of living things are like the surface of the water, glittering as they move.

No matter what happens

I want to be able to see those sparkles

And thank you for showing it to me


No matter how you feel, it will fit your heart

A book full of coolness and laughter

It will always be something for me. 

Thank you for bringing me into this world! Please keep up the good work.



The texture of her skin, the things flowing out of  body,  family, everything she captured through  eyes was raw and showed glimpses of love.

I'm sure  looking  with kind eyes.




I watched it in one sitting as soon as it arrived, and then I watched it again and again.

The Fujimura family - so powerful!

It's funny and makes me smile, it's stylish and makes me feel like I'm looking at a magazine, it fills me up, it makes me feel all kinds of things every time!


(When I saw the picture of Naachan cutting her hair, I remembered that I was standing beside her, and I was touched that the air I was in at that time was like this for the two of us.)



I don't want to be swept away by the things I have to do in my daily life, but I'm going to open my eyes more, feel more, and take care of myself.

I don't want to be carried away by it.


It would be a shame to get so caught up in the daily grind that we lose sight of what's important.

It's a waste of time if I get caught up in the daily grind and lose sight of myself. Thank you very much for your help 💌



On an undiscovered planet, there lived a family named Mr. Fujimura. This is a photo book that contains a part of the grand story that begins with the words "Mr. Fujimura". There are things that are not likely to be in anyone's life, things that are not likely to be in anyone's life, and things that have never been seen before are waiting for the reader.


When you turn the pages on a day when you've had a bit of a bad day, there's a strength in the book that makes you feel like it's absolutely on your side and pushes you to admit that you're not such a good person. I feel as if they are telling me to be confident in who I am, and that cheers me up.


Just the fact that Fami Fujimura exists in the same time as me gives me power. This book is like the most powerful talisman for me.


Akina Tokiyoshi/artist

"I don't know, but I'm relieved"

It is the "feel" that comes from the size, number of pages, and paper quality of the book, as well as the content.


The fact that Fujimura Family originates from Wakayama is a hope and a guidepost for me as a minority. I was saved this time as well. Thank you!

Motoki Yamaguchi (Yasuda-Curry *)

The book is badass.

"The beauty of living" may sound like a cliché, but

I felt like I was living honestly because of the strangeness of living.

A book made honestly. A book that no one else can make.

I'm turning pages many times.

It's crazy, but it's not vulgar.

Somehow shy.

I felt a beautiful spirit.

You made it amazingly. It was nice to see this.

I'm glad I was alive.


From the latter half, "Hai-chan in front of a snake, in a fairy appearance"

The flow of "two dark faces that seemed to have failed the experiment" was done. What is that! it's the best.


Yamato Hashimoto / Solaris

To borrow from their profile statement.

"No matter what, hope is itself."

It's a very energetic feeling, though.

What I'm thinking is that this is Pandora's box.

Of course, it's hope itself.

It's not super happy, super happy, super happy.

It's not like that.

All kinds of bad luck overflowed.

The hope that remains at the end.

I think that's what this PROOF OF LIVING is all about.

When you're a married couple and you're both artists.

You have to go through a lot.

But you get through it.

But we overcame them, and avoided them.

I think that's what this project is about.

Such things are not presented on purpose.

I think it's a story of the hope that remains after all that has happened.

That's what I was thinking.

I'd like you to pick up this little book, which is like a lump of energy.

What is universal?

At first glance, it looks ordinary.

But there is something in it.

I can't help but think that there is something in it.

The hollow space left by a missing baby tooth and a mouth.

I think it's called happiness.

I don't know.

I don't know, but I think it's fine if each person who sees it interprets it in their own way.

 I don't think the Fujimura Family will deny anything.

I'm sure they will continue to draw new stories.


(*From HOUYHNHNM BLOG Today's guest 2021.11.20.)


flotsam books Takayuki Kobayashi

I've never seen him before, and I don't even know him.

But somehow nostalgic

I was wrapped up in it, and then it popped out

I tried to think of a way to express it in words.

I tried to think of a way to express it in words, but I still couldn't, so I thought about why my heart was shaken by each photo. I confronted myself.

It's like the book is shining and the wind is blowing.

It was such a photo book.


I can't put into words the overflowing feelings I had, but

It was very, very good! When I told her

When I looked at it after a few days to put it into words again

When I look at it again a few days later to put it into words, the photos that catch my eye are different, the feelings are different, and so on.

I'm looking forward to seeing something new when I open it again.

I'm glad I found this book!

Thank you very much.


Atsushi Imai/hair stylist

NEW Review

The Fujimura Family's style, as evidenced by their website, is the opposite of a user-friendly UI or a refined, stripped-down design. The Fujimura Family's photographs are not overly controlled "expressions" such as the use of digital native software or the creation of self-images that are meant to be seen by others, but rather the use of so-called "miscellaneous collage" collages, physical expressions that emphasize health over sexuality, and the imperfect cheapness of the digital age. The incomplete cheapness of the digital age has something in common with the photographer Charlie Engman and his contemporaries. Nowadays, photographs are no longer "something that stays and is visible," but rather flow through the scrolling screens of smartphones and PCs, and can be switched with a single tap or swipe.

However, to my Japanese eyes, "PROOF OF LIVING" is more clearly filled with a rich sense of the everyday than the works of other artists. It is a kind of "Don Quijote," or a community-based recycle store, with an overabundance of information about the everyday.


Continue reading at: ✏️IMA Fujimura Family "PROOF OF LIVING" Book Review "What is a Photo Book as a 'Proof of Life'?



Yuzu Murakami

I love this book.

It’s a beautiful, personal, original piece of art by Fujimura Family.

It’s funny and cool and not overly sentimental, while still being extremely moving.

I love the small but very chunky size, packed with pictures that all seem to have a reason for being there.

This is my favourite photo book to come along in ages.

And congratulations to Marginal Press - what an amazing first book project. 

Love, Valerie xxx

Valerie Phillips

The video speaks a lot of treasuring the present, making every minute counts and ultimately, the present is important especially in this world of uncertain future. The chaotic, absurd incidents, the special moments of birth and celebration, the domestic and public spaces all blend together with spontaneous energy. While it may seems unpolished or amateurish, but the visual treatments and the editing are fitting for the title "Proof of Living" and has honestly expressed the intention of the artist.


Gwen Lee

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